Finding Your Perfect Match Beyond Maps

Dating in Asia has been one of the best offers only the modern world can give. Imagine in the old times, voyagers had to sail to far off lands then later pen pals had to wait for weeks to get that snail mail from a distant romance. These days, it’s easier and faster – right from your fingertips!


We’ve heard from many men around the world that dating with an Asian is just too special.  So I’ve decided to ask around why. After the chats and talks, I was able to gather some information.

Here are the reasons why dating in Asia is special:

Asian dating is unique. It’s true that what make life meaningful are the experiences you have as you go along living. Men who have found love in Asia have told me how magnificent it is to just meet the other side of the world. After all, it’s an interesting vast world. Being stuck in the common thought that love should mean same skin color and city is your from of missing out on the lovelier sides of life. Meeting an Asian girl online can just be the start of it all.

According to those who have experienced how it is to date with an Asian, it makes you get more curious about cultures and other people. It also sharpens your openness to the world. Adam, now 47 from the UK has met his wife who is from the Philippines on and now, they are happily together with 2 little daughters. He has shared in happy tears how it was to meet her for the first time in person. “It was a mixture of excitement and nervousness but her whole village welcomed me as if I’m someone so famous all the while! It was amusing and I stopped feeling anxious.” From then on, “I decided to get to know her life there, her family, the community activities. It was a special experience for me. Being out there, being different – only to realize that the world is so big.”

As for Martin, 56, “Oh I have been to Asia when I was younger and I love the continent. I thought I should move over there one day. I went back home and had to live again. I missed Asia and one day, a dating site made me find a very beautiful and loving Southeast Asian woman… who is now my wife of 7 years. Very happy!”.

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Dating online is indeed a way of connecting with places that are faraway but are close to your heart. And perhaps, one day, a way to eventually live there. It’s great to find one’s real home in the big world.